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Logo • “P”

Something I made 081711/081811, time escapes me. “P” logo, for submission; abstract shapes for tumblr. May include this particular design if design map fails to sway the audience. APD tho.

• MILWAU II • Cloyne Court Hotel & Casino •

• MILWAU II • Cloyne Court Hotel & Casino •

(Source: diorpaint)

s’W&W etalocohC

Coarse or fine, It boils down to perspective
Hawaii was the last project, Eight records didn’t make it
Maybe doesn’t cut it, I need concrete answers
Ounces wasted my money, like strippers dancing
Angel face, let’s move your waist like garbage
Come spend time with me let’s make it a bargain
Read my lips, moi, and we’re not talking
Open bottles, to the top said my writing
Go home with me pull out the chalk and outline it
Love Live & Learn. A feeling i’m not fighting
Everyday you make a killin, life’s got you bikin’
Almost doesn’t cut it, the finish lines calling
Rolling in your own lane - you need sirens
Tying knots cause im not tripin on a run in my environment
You can cuff me anytime, here, I’ll bride ya
Expected nothing less than losing you when i found ya @ayeitsjdot